Welcome to Aotrad Auto Parts Co LTD. We are manufactures of high quality, versatile and durable auto radiators. We provide radiators for over 20+ car makes from Audis to Peugeots, Hondas to Volvos and many many more.


We are a professional manufacturer with our own factory building including moulding workshops, plastic tank workshops along with braze welding lines and specialised testing equipment.

Gaurenteed quality


We have global credentials and a reputation for quality, service and trust.

Worldwide Customers

We have customers in all corners of the globe and can supply you in North & South America, Europe and the Middle East

Large Production Capacity

With our fully equipped factory we can produce over 400,000 units annually and easily keep up with even the most demanding of orders.

Worldwide Delivery

Our customers come from the four corners of the globe, to help them get the best deal we are able to dispatch our units quickly to meet the need.


Quality, efficient and excellent service

We believe in helping our customers, not just to find the most suitable product at the best price, but in helping them to build a long lasting working relationship.  Our high capacity factory, our diverse range of products for over 20 different car makes and our loyal customers from all corners of the earth including the Americas, Europe the Middle East makes us your ideal choice for automotive radiators.


We have worked hard to build a reputation of reliability and trust and we look forward to building this relationship with new customers and maintaining it with our loyal ones. No matter wether you have purchased in the past, are dealing with us now or are looking to buy in the future we promise to bring you better choice, special trade prices, open and quick communication and a brilliant future working together.

Top quality auto parts on time all the time.